Welcome to “The Teaching Castle”, a space dedicated to school groups looking to discover the history hidden behind this medieval fortress. A fun and educational way to explore the castle and get to know the history of Alicante and the legends that surround it.

Guided tours and workshops

The Castillo de Santa Bárbara is, without a doubt, the most important heritage landmark in the city of Alicante. The historic fate of this city is inseparable from the fortress that watches over it. ...Seguir leyendo

See you in class. Classroom activities

To complement our range of tours and activities in the castle and offer visitors a better understanding, we provide an introductory activity in the classroom, aimed at preparing visitors for their tour. There, we’ll explain what you will see and why, the importance the castle had for the city, why it was built here and not elsewhere, and much more. Through this activity, and with the help of presentations, plans, maps and important images, we’ll locate our tour in time and space, allowing students to integrate the knowledge they acquire and visualise it during the tour.

Exclusive activity for educational centers.
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An Escape Route. Escape Room

Secondary education 1st and 2nd cycle

Just like the other activities on offer, this option promotes the use of logic, teamwork and problem solving. The group will be locked in one or two rooms, in which the game will unfold, and will need to find their way out by solving various riddles related to the castle’s history. For this, they’ll need to learn to cooperate in order to achieve a common goal.

Exclusive activity for educational centers.
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The footprints of time. History detectives

Secondary education 1st and 2nd cycle

This is a guided game activity, in which logic, deduction and teamwork become essential tools. In this activity, students will need to uncover the connection and build a coherent story around the objects, documents and images made available to them. ...Seguir leyendo

Exclusive activity for educational centers.
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In a thousand pieces. Putting the puzzle together

Primary Education 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle

Puzzles are an excellent educational resource which encourage collaborative learning and contribute to developing concentration, visual memory and spacial awareness. We’re going to put together the puzzle of our history. Using giant pieces, we’ll outline the timeline of our castle and, by extension, our city. We’ll use stories, images and objects as a guide to help us complete the journey that brought us to where we are today.

Exclusive activity for educational centers.
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Building the castle

Infant Education 2nd cycle (3-6 years)

Build, destroy and start again. Through construction games, children develop coordination, motor skills and acquire spacial awareness. And by doing it together, they’ll gain social skills such as cooperation and negotiation. But we won’t just be building. In this workshop, we’re going to let our imaginations run wild. ...Seguir leyendo

Exclusive activity for educational centers.
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Kids Workshops

Mandarina Garden will offer workshops for children every weekend in the Old Powder Magazine. Mandarina Garden is the largest site within the Mandarina group, offering a leading venue for children’s and family leisure. This space has been specially designed to allow everyone (both young and old) to enjoy the experience.

LOCATION: Old Powder Magazine

DATE: Thursday to Monday

TIMETABLE: 11:30 and 12:30

Kids workshops

Mandarina Garden®️ at the Castillo de Santa Bárbara. Creative, educational and very fun workshops at 11:30 and 12:30

  • Thursday 14/4: Armour workshop
  • Friday 15/4: Create your own coat of arms
  • Saturday 16/4: Enchanted Castles
  • Sunday 17/4: Swords and Shields
  • Monday 18/4: Dungeons and Dragons

To arrange a tour or workshop, please get in touch.

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